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About Recharge Retreats and Awakened Life School of Yoga

Liz and Chris sunsetAfter being in the business world after 15+ years, there a came a time when Chris and I began to really think about what we were doing with our lives. I remember looking at the clock in the corporate conference rooms I sat in every day, watching the time tick by, and wondering if this was really my purpose? Talking about things that didn’t excite me, making money for a company I didn’t believe in, unfulfilled and empty about my life.

It’s fascinating to watch how the world responds to our thinking and our hearts. Soon enough we were both leaving our corporate jobs and endeavoring into a consulting business, working with leaders on their self-awareness and leadership abilities. This work took off over the next few years; however we soon realized that although we had one step out of the corporate world, we weren’t quite fulfilled. Something was still missing. Some level of heart. Some deeper purpose. Some work that really mattered.

Chris and Liz in BaliDuring that time I had attended an immersion Yoga Teacher Training and came back full of creative ideas on how we could develop a unique and transformative teacher training that embodied all the work we were passionate about, to an audience that we were excited to work with. We found so many opportunities to create a school that was far beyond just looking at asanas and offering the technical teaching content, but rather something that was a true study of yoga, of ourselves and our way of being in the world. At the same time, we were deep into our own development working with amazing therapists, coaches, meditation teachers and yoga instructors. Our lives were transforming and we had the vision to pass this on.

Liz and studentsTruth be told, we didn’t 100% know what we were doing. We were avid yogis and meditation practitioners but we weren’t experts. Yet, somehow the people we needed, the support we required and the expertise seemed to show up on our path. So, we followed. It wasn’t easy and it was very scary. All our fears about safety, security, money, and our future came to light. We worked with them, we faced them, we struggled and we kept moving forward.   We can’t quite explain how or why it all happened, but we are here now doing what we love and what we are meant to do.

It is our heartfelt wish that your experience with our school will far exceed a Yoga Training and offer a new way to approach your life and your teaching. More of you. Increased authenticity. A bigger heart. And a freer life. We can’t wait to meet you on the path!

Love, Liz & Chris

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