Live the Dance: A Moving Meditation & Celebratory Dance Weekend Retreat

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With Kimberly Miguel Mullen, Dance Ethnologist

Through a series of guided rhythmic moves, participants will embody elements of Cuban and Brazilian dance traditions. These dances open meaningful pathways for healing and growth. Kimberly is a skillful educator who takes her students on a spiritual journey that invites them to engage every part of their physical, emotional, and mental being. Join us for this special weekend of dancing, relaxing, and enjoying the natural surroundings of WON Dharma Center. Come by yourself and meet friends, or come with a friend or partner, and reconnect.

Kimberly Miguel Mullen, Dance Ethnologist
Kimberly Miguel Mullen, an internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer has performed in the USA, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba and Hong Kong. As a solo artist, she was one of a chosen few to perform with the late legendary Cuban percussionist Francisco Aguabella. The Los Angeles Times has described her movement, a well-crafted mixture of traditional techniques from the African diaspora and Silvestre contemporary dance, as “spectacularly supple.” Mullen, who earned a Masters of Arts degree from UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures, actively pursues her interests in dance ethnography, traveling throughout the world.  Since 2005, Mullen has also been recognized as a popular dance and fitness DVD personality and choreographer renowned for infusing traditional dance forms into mainstream markets. Her debut dance workout DVD, “Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body,” was awarded “Best Dance DVD 2009” by Health Magazine.
What Your Retreat Includes

  • All Accommodations & Healthy Asian-Style Meals
  • Cuban & Brazilian Dance Sessions
  • Moving Meditation Workshops
  • Restorative Yoga and Guided Meditations
  • Saturday Evening Entertainment
  • Gluten-Free Options Available

Check-In:  3pm, Friday June 7th

Friday Night Dinner
Friday night Dance Workshop at 7pm

All Meals Saturday
Saturday AM Yoga and Dance Workshop
Saturday afternoon Dance Workshop
Saturday afternoon Guided Meditation
Saturday Evening Entertainment

Breakfast and Lunch Sunday
Sunday AM Dance Workshop

Check-out: 12pm, Sunday, June 9th

WON Dharma Center

“The design concept for the buildings evokes both the tradition of grass-roofed houses in Korea and a natural disposition of groups of trees placed along the grassy slope… walking between and through clusters of trees, while the discovery of the inner courtyards creates a sense of surprise and quiet calmness…”

(hMa | HanrahanMeyers Architects)

WON’s accommodations are a brand new Asian, modern design and beautifully located in upstate NY. Each room has two twin beds with a sink for washing. Right next to each room are bathrooms with modern shower facilities. We recommend that each person share a double occupany room. A few single accomodations are available for more privacy.

Conveniently located in Claverack, NY, a rural setting near New York City and Boston, the Won Dharma Center is set on 426 acres in upstate New York, overlooking the Hudson Valley and the Catskill Mountains. Surrounded by wooded foothills with a nearby brook, the retreat center is a serene natural setting for contemplation and renewal.

WON is accessible by train from NYC Penn Station. Transportation to and from the train to WON is easily arranged and only 15 minutes away. (Click here to visit